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Enjoy the luxury hotel experience of the Acropolis Suites, its cutting-edge technology, minimal design and affordable prices, make a reservation now!

Smart Luxury is the core of our philosophy so traditional services such as breakfast room and reception are not included. Instead, we offer a variety of fully automated concierge services, including on-demand breakfast in the room and a virtual reception with a round-the-clock agent available to answer all your questions!

At Lux&Easy hotels check-in is done automatically. You will receive a unique code linked to the days of your reservation which will give you access to the hotel’s main entrance and your room. This code is unique and only applies during your booking period.

In case you face any problems when entering the building or your room, our Remote Reception Agent will be available to assist you in everything you’ll need.

Lux&Easy is a brand-new, exclusive hotel experience which combines all the characteristics of the Luxury Tourism Service with autonomous apartments with minimal design and high aesthetics while encompassing state-of-the-art technologies (smart hotel operations, automated check in/out) at very competitive prices.

You can book any extra services provided at our hotels by contacting our round-the-clock Concierge Service Agent via phone, WhatsApp or directly from the building. You can also send an email to

Lux&Easy rooms are spacious, minimally designed and fully autonomous apartments. All our rooms have a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen and a private balcony (or garden).

A: Included in all rooms, our hotels offer free high-speed wireless internet.

Following the highest principles of sustainable environmental philosophy, our buildings and rooms are energy class A+ with photovoltaic systems, LED lighting, solar water heaters and thermal facades for effective energy saving.


We’re all ears!
Just give us a call
+30 210 98 56 456​

We’re all ears!
Just give us a call
+30 210 98 56 456



A brand new exclusive hotel concept awaits for you at Lux & Easy! Book a unique hotel experience with us and enjoy a memorable stay in the lap of Easy Luxury!

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